The renovation process is a complex one, from deciding on your wants, needs and would like to haves to completion,

there are always surprises and setbacks. We have been in this business for many years and every year we try to improve on our service and are proud of our accomplishments. 
We consider our selves Full Service General Contractors and try to make the renovation process for our clients as open and stress free as possible. Not only do we offer unmatched quality but we also assist our clients in several ways.

1. Provide layouts and 3D drawings to help the client better visualize and at the same time make better decisions for the project.

2. When an Engineer, Architect or Designer in needed we have many contacts in the business that can fulfill every need.

3. We provide all paperwork requirements for building management approval and can provide insight on how to speed up the process.

4. We assist our clients in selecting and purchasing materials (kitchen cabinets, tile, countertops, appliances, fixtures, accessories etc) for the project. We can make samples available for most types of floor and wall coverings, cabinets etc. Savings from our suppliers are passed on to our clients.

5. When storage space within the project is limited, deliveries can be diverted to our warehouse and thus eliminating any chances of a delay due to deliveries.

6. We keep a very close watch on all our projects, and one of the partners visits each project at least once a day to make sure everything is on schedule and keep the client updated.

7. 90% of our business is through referrals, that speaks a lot about our performance.

8. Finally, its our quality workmanship and honesty that give us our competitive advantage.